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2023 Extended Funding Research Posters


Crisis Communication of Public Agencies on Twitter

Computational Investigation on Nitrogen Activation Process

WAVE: Web-Based Automated Virtual Environment

Mapping Forest Islands and Rivers in the Beni department of Bolivia (Archaeological GIS Project of the Beni)

2021 Extended Funding Research Posters

Al(1-x)B2 for the Realization of Hydrocarbons From Methane

The Topotactic Synthesis of Low-Dimensionality Boron

Using UAV-based Platforms to Produce More Accurate Geographic Maps

Plasmonic Paint for Energy-Efficient Coatings

MRI-guided Targeted Prostate Intervention: Advantages of One Stop Procedure

Investigating Deepfake Detection in Videos

Examination of Induced Polyploidy for Improved Biofuel Traits in Sunflowers

2020 Duke Extended Funding Research Posters

The Effects of Redox Potential on the Gas Production in Clostridioides difficile

Chemical Reaction Space Elucidation Through Stochastically Guided Machine Learning

Pinpointing Power Outrages in Real-Time By Monitoring Severe Weather

Laser Powder Bed Fusion of White Cast Iron

The Effects of Sugars on Gas Production in Clostridioides difficile

2019 Duke Extended Funding Research Posters

Effect of Platform Oscillations on the Flow Field of an Off-Shore Wind Turbine using Particle Image Velocimetry

Numerical Simulation of a Ni-Based Superalloy Under Fatigue Loading

Florida Electricity Prediction Using Machine Learning

Exploring Airfoil Designs for Flight Efficiency Optimization of a Subsonic Cruise Missile

2018 Duke Extended Funding Research Posters

Numerical Simulation of Polytetrafluoroethylene Gaskets Under Pressure

Implementation of the Single Actuator Multiple Manipulation (SAMM)

Microstructural Characterization of Next-Generation Particle-reinforced Textured Gaskets

Two-Color Induced Super Continuum Generation

The Application of a Single Actuation Multiple Manipulation (SAMM) Mechanism for Energy Preservation

Experimental Investigation of Regolith Granular Material Properties

Optimization Study of Heat Dispersion in Additively Manufactured Heat Sinks

Evaluation of Inter-stage Turbines for Energy Recovery in a Reverse
Osmosis Membrane Process treating Brackish Groundwater 

Artificial Neuron using Ag/2D-MoS2/Au Threshold Switching Memristor 

Chemical Defenses Across Temperate Woody Plants, with Focus on Waxes, Oils, and Resins

Autonomous Model Car Optimized for Solar Energy Capture

Effects of Artificial Aging on Domestic and Wild Seeds