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Students who participated in the URE through EXCEL during the spring of their sophomore year and are working on projects related to renewable and sustainable energy are eligible to apply for extended funding through Duke Energy.  There are also times were we receive additional private donor funding for student projects outside the field of sustainable energy.  The extended funding allows students to continue work on their project through the summer and fall following the URE experience.  The student must be nominated by their current faculty mentor.  Nominations and applications open in late March.

Award Information

  1. This is a two semester commitment: Summer/Fall.
  2. The student must maintain a 3.0 GPA each semester.
  3. The student needs a defined role in the project to present as their own.
  4. The student will submit a first author abstract and poster to the Student Scholar Symposium, which is part of Research Week in the spring.
  5. The student will provide a technical report at the end of the experience.
  6. The support funds ten hours of research per week for a total of $1000 each

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