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EXCEL Courses

The following courses are required during the first year for students participating in EXCEL:

1. Math (as needed by major and determined by your math placement)

Our primary intervention occurs within the EXCEL math courses, therefore students participating in our program must take their math courses in their first two semesters with EXCEL. We offer our students the following math courses: College Algebra, Mathematics for Calculus (Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry combination course), Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III and Differential Equations (Transfers only). Students must begin in one of the offered EXCEL math courses to participate in EXCEL.

After completing the required math classes during the first year, EXCEL students have the option to continue with EXCEL math courses, through Differential Equations, in subsequent terms.

2. STEM Seminar I and II

These courses are each 1 credit hour and encourage community building, and provide information and tools necessary for a student’s transition and academic success. Seminar I introduces students to concepts aimed at helping them to be strong, competitive students in STEM disciplines. Seminar II focuses on exposing the EXCEL students to STEM faculty and researchers. These classes are offered only to EXCEL FTIC students.

3. STEM Seminar: Immersive Transfer Experience

This course is created for EXCEL transfer students who will be transitioning from a state college or university. Provided in this course are tools that will help with the acclimation to UCF as a STEM student through posted resources, exposure to professional development, networking opportunities, and connection to high impact practices. Similar to STEM Seminar I and II, the Immersive Transfer Experience will strive to encourage community building, introduce students to concepts aimed at helping them to be strong, competitive students in STEM disciplines, and exposing students to STEM faculty and researchers, as well as Industry Professionals to ensure students have their best foot forward towards a career in STEM.