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EXCEL Math Courses

Our primary intervention occurs within the EXCEL math courses. The UCF instructors and faculty for our EXCEL math courses have been hand-picked. All EXCEL students are required to take an EXCEL math course (based on placement) during the first two semesters at UCF. We offer our students the following math courses: College Algebra, Mathematics for Calculus (Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry combination course), Calculus I, Calculus II, and Calculus III.  Students must begin in one of the offered EXCEL math courses to participate in EXCEL.

Small Recitation Sessions

EXCEL offers math courses in a similar format as the math department at UCF.  Our Calculus II and III courses are taught in a standard small 49 person lecture and College Algebra, Mathematics for Calculus , and Calculus I are larger lectures.  While College Algebra, Mathematics for Calculus , and Calculus I are all large lecture courses, they are smaller in number than the general population math courses at UCF.  Additionally, to provide a smaller classroom environment to our students, our College Algebra, Calculus I, and Calculus II courses have a unique recitation session in addition to lecture.  Students in these courses participate in problem solving sessions that reinforce topics and understanding of the concepts that students were taught in lecture.

After completing required math and science classes during the first year, EXCEL students have the opportunity to continue with EXCEL math courses, through Calculus III, in subsequent terms.

STEM Seminar I and II

Students are also required to take STEM Seminar I and II within the first year.  These courses are each 1 credit hour and encourage community building, and provide information and tools necessary for a student’s transition and academic success. Seminar I introduces students to concepts aimed at helping them to be strong, competitive students in STEM disciplines. Seminar II focuses on exposing the EXCEL students to STEM faculty and researchers. These classes are offered only to EXCEL students.