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July 29 – August 2, 2024
9am – 6pm daily


What is the EXCEL Math Boot Camp?

Math Boot Camp is for EXCEL students who placed into College Algebra (MAC 1105), Pre-Calc Algebra, Trigonometry or Math for Calculus (MAC 1140, 1114 or 2147) and are interested in possibly improving their math placement for Fall semester.

EXCEL Math Boot Camp provides a week of intensive instruction using adaptive learning methodologies to help students learn algebra and trigonometry concepts. Combining live instruction with computerized modules allows students to tailor learning and move at their own pace.

Participants will test on day one to determine placement in the correct math module. Under the guidance of our instructors and teaching assistants, students will move at their own pace through the content. At the end of the week, students will test a second time – hopefully improving by one or more levels and advancing to a higher math placement for fall semester. Higher math placement cannot be guaranteed.

Why would I want to participate?

  1. Financial Savings: The cost of 1 credit hour in state at UCF is $212.28. Math courses range from 3-5 credit hours. For each math class you are able to master during Boot Camp you are saving yourself $387 – $811.
  2. Graduate Sooner: Many STEM majors require you master your calculus course before you can advance in your major. Students starting in College Algebra, Pre-Calc Algebra or Trigonometry have 1 or 2 classes before you even get to calculus. Starting higher in math could save you 1 to 2 semesters towards advancing in your major and even graduation.
  3. Deeper Learning: Even if you do not advance a math level during Boot Camp, the learning you receive during the week will serve as a good refresher of your math basics and strengthen your subject knowledge for the fall. This increased knowledge should provide a stronger foundation and make the course easier for you, decreasing the chances of failure and the need to repeat the course.
  4. Refresh your Math Knowledge: Students who took a college level math course in 9, 10 or 11 grade may be out of practice using those fundamental math concepts.  Participating in Math Bootcamp can build your confidence by sharpening your Algebra and Trigonometry knowledge, key skills for success in any university level math.

Program Cost:

  • Living at home, paying for instruction only: $250
  • Need a room on campus (does not include bed linens) and instruction: $400

Other than the opening dinner on Sunday evening, food will not be included in the cost of the Boot Camp. There are plenty of places to eat on campus. A safe estimate would be to plan on spending $10 per meal ($30 a day) for 5 days. (This is an over-estimate for breakfast, but allows some cushion). You could plan to bring groceries to eat in, but there will not be refrigerators or microwaves in the individual rooms.

This program is first-come, first-served up to 80 participants.

Register & Deposit* ($100)

*Deposit is non-refundable

July 12
Final Payment July 19
Camp Kick-off July 28

Registration will open in June.

Students that submit registration will receive more information (including deposit information) by July 1st.


General questions can be directed to:


Phone: 407-823-6230