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As a member of the EXCEL Learning Community students commit to the following for the first year of college (fall/spring):

  • Pursuing a STEM major as defined by EXCEL (see major listing).
  • Taking the required math courses for their major with the EXCEL program (College Algebra – Calculus III).
  • Completing the STEM Seminar sequence (ISC 2054 and 2055).
  • Participating in the required EXCEL Center study hours (minimum of 3 a week) prior to the first math exam. These hours will be dropped/adjusted based on a student’s performance on each math exam.
  • Being active and engaged members of the EXCEL Learning Community.

Students choosing to leave EXCEL will participate in an exit interview with the program director/coordinator before being released from the program. Upon leaving, students will forego program benefits (e.g., classes, priority registration, resources).