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The EXCEL program serves two UCF admitted populations: First Time in College (transitioning directly from high school) and Transfer (transitioning from a state college or university with an A.A. degree). In your application, please indicate whether you are a Transfer OR First Time in College student.

First Time in College

  • First Time in College (FTIC) applicants must be College Algebra ready at a minimum. This can be determined by the UCF Math Placement Test or college credit earned while in high school.
  • FTIC students during their senior year should be enrolled in a math course* (preferably Precalculus or Calculus).

*Statistics is not a Calculus course. If you are enrolled in Statistics make sure to also enroll in Precalculus, Calculus or your next available math course.


  • Enjoys Mathematics and working in the form of study groups.
  • Enjoys the small college atmosphere and being part of a learning community.
  • Prefers structure in education (EXCEL lays out common courses, each semester during the first year).
  • Wants to pursue a degree in STEM.
  • Wants to have a rewarding college experience.
  • Dreams of having a great career in a STEM discipline.


  • Transfer students should be Calculus I ready or higher for admitted Engineering and Computer Science majors.
  • Transfer students in Bio related majors should be at least Precalculus or Trigonometry ready for their first term at UCF.