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The COMPASS program is the sister program to EXCEL. Students participating in COMPASS have all of the same requirements and benefits as the EXCEL students which includes participating in the same math courses and, if preferred, living in the same living learning community.

The COMPASS program serves incoming first year students who are undecided in their major, but are interested in exploring STEM disciplines.  COMPASS students start in STEM Explorations (MHS 2330), which is a career exploration class.  Expanding on the curriculum found in STEM Seminar I and II, the course includes an exploration component aimed to guide students to determine, clarify, or confirm their major and career options.  In addition to all of the resources and benefits that the EXCEL participants receive, COMPASS participants receive a peer mentor, an upper division STEM student who has been through the program.

After the first semester and once officially declared in STEM, COMPASS students become EXCEL students.

For more information about the COMPASS program, please visit or if you have questions you can email us at