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EXCEL offers math courses in a similar format as the math department at UCF.  All courses meet with a three to four day meeting pattern, with the exception of Calculus III and Differential Equations that meet twice a week.

We hand pick our UCF faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants for our EXCEL math courses.  Faculty members teaching our courses choose their course format based on what they think will best suit our students.  Whether your math course is taught in a traditional method or with active learning, learning math is not passive and students need to engage in the learning experience, perhaps like they’ve never done before.

College Algebra (MAC 1105) and Mathematics for Calculus (MAC 2147)

These classes are large lecture, as opposed to the online, adaptive learning which is offered by the math department for these same courses.

Calculus I (MAC 2311)

This course is a large lecture, but smaller in number than the general population math courses at UCF.

Calculus II (MAC 2312), Calculus III (MAC 2313) and Differential Equations (MAP 2302)

These courses are taught in a standard small 49 person lecture.

Recitations Offered

Our College Algebra, Calculus I, and Calculus II courses have a unique recitation session in addition to lecture, to provide a smaller classroom environment to our students. Students in these courses participate in problem solving sessions that reinforce topics and understanding of the concepts that students were taught in lecture.