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The main goal of the EXCEL/COMPASS Undergraduate Research Experiences (URE) is for students to see and experience research first-hand and feel what it is like to generate knowledge.  We offer the URE to our students during the spring semester of their sophomore year.  To be eligible, students need to be in good standing in EXCEL (continuing in their STEM major) and have a 3.0 GPA or higher at the end of the fall semester of their sophomore year.


Eligible students receive an email from EXCEL at the beginning of their fall semester, sophomore year.  This email outlines the requirements of the program and our Fall Workshops that prepare students for research in the spring.

  1. Resume Building – offered through Career Services and Experiential Learning
  2. Interviewing with a Faculty Member – URE Faculty Coordinator talks to students about making a good impression during interviews
  3. How to Use the Research Listing Database (required for participation)

In mid-October students register to gain access to the research position database.  The application asks students their major, courses they’ve taken, and grades earned.  Students also upload their resume.  Students can select up to three faculty members that they are interested in working with.  If faculty are also interested in the student, they will schedule a time with them to be interviewed.  Students turn in an Endorsement Form once a faculty mentor is selected.

Student expectations:

  • Identify potential faculty mentors and initiate contact
  • Be punctual, responsible and inquisitive
  • Work ~ 10 hours per week during the Spring term
  • Participate in pre/post-assessment and evaluation of the program
  • Write a two-page summary of your experience

List of Registered Faculty

Endorsement Form




Faculty receive an email early in the fall semester to update their existing profile or create a new research profile.  In mid-October, faculty will begin receiving emails from interested students.  If they are interested in supporting them in their lab, they can contact the student for an interview. Students can only work with one faculty member, but faculty can choose to work with several students if they have room in their lab.

Faculty expectations:

  • Supervise or task a Postdoc or Graduate PhD student to supervise the student in lab for ~10 hours per week during spring term
  • Complete Mid-point survey