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Both prospective mentors and mentees will complete an application that contains a personal statement expressing why she is interested in participating in the program. Information collected from the application will assist in identifying and selecting a mentoring match.

There are a variety of ways to match participants, ranging from formal matches by an outside committee or mentoring team to a more informal “bring your own mentor” philosophy. WISE Mentoring @ UCF has carefully designed a matching process that gives both partners a voice in this vital process. Every effort will be made to match mentees with mentors who can best support their developmental needs. To facilitate a suitable match, mentors and mentees will be encouraged to recommend five potential matches by:

  • Reviewing profiles (via The Mentoring Connection) from a select pool of candidates.
  • Participating in networking events at the Orientation Session.
  • Interviewing potential mentors/mentees.

The goal is to allow participants the opportunity to screen potential partners by using objective criteria based on career and developmental goals. Individual choices will receive due consideration but cannot be guaranteed. WISE Mentoring @ UCF Coordinators and The Training Connection, Inc. will gather all information and recommend the appropriate matches based on the mentor’s capability to support mentee needs.