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Students are eligible to receive final acceptance into the EXCEL program if they will begin their math at UCF in at least College Algebra. EXCEL offers College Algebra through Calculus III courses. Math Eligibility can be determined in several ways:

1. College Level Math earned in 11th grade:

Dual enrollment math credit OR qualifying scores from the AP math exams prior to a student’s 12th grade year will be considered for giving a student Final Acceptance into the EXCEL program. Any pending dual enrollment grades or AP/IB/AICE scores (to be completed in 12th grade) will not be used in a student’s initial math placement and the student must take the MPT and score at least College Algebra placement. Upon receipt of your official scores/final grades after high school graduation, your EXCEL advisor can re-evaluate your fall math enrollment to determine necessary changes.

2. Math Placement Test (MPT):

Students who do not have math dual enrollment credit or AP math scores from the 11th grade, must take the MPT to determine their math eligibility for acceptance into the EXCEL program. EXCEL is not affiliated with the administration of the MPT, but uses the results of the MPT to assess an applicant’s college math readiness. The MPT is the university’s assessment of the math skills that students have acquired and is designed to determine proficiency level and therefore placement for math courses. All students who do not have prior to college math credit should take the MPT to avoid being placed in a math course that may not accurately reflect their skills and abilities. The MPT is a true TEST and should be given the attention and respect awarded to any other academic or skills test. For more information about UCF’s MPT, please visit the UCF Testing Center.

Students are encouraged to complete the MPT at their earliest convenience for the best opportunity to be accepted into EXCEL. In order to receive a Final Acceptance into the EXCEL program, students must take the Algebra section of the test and score into at least College Algebra (or higher) level placement no later than May 1. Students can take the remaining sections (prior to orientation) for higher math placement.

Results of the MPT will populate in the UCF record’s database 5-7 business days after the completion of the test. These scores are then pulled and the student’s Confirmed application is considered for Final Acceptance at the next EXCEL selection committee meeting. Please note that based on the volume of applications and MPT results, not all submissions received may be evaluated in one sitting and would be given consideration at the next available meeting.