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1. Can I apply to the EXCEL program once I am at UCF?

No. The EXCEL program admits first time in college and transfer students applying before their first year at UCF begins. Students cannot apply or reapply to the program after their first Fall semester. Current UCF students interested in applying to EXCEL or another of the STEM student success programs should contact our staff at

2. As a member of EXCEL, is there a difference in cost of tuition?

Tuition doesn’t cost any more or any less for members of the EXCEL program. Additionally, the EXCEL program does not financially assist students with their tuition. It is important to note, that STEM Seminar I and II are required classes for our FTIC students in their first year. Each of these classes do NOT count towards your major requirements and are both 1 credit hour courses. Transfer students will complete the STEM Seminar: Immersive Transfer Experience in their first term.

3. Does your office provide tours or can I visit and talk to someone about the EXCEL program?

Unfortunately, we are not able to meet with applicants for the program. We are a small office serving our 1,000 existing program students as well as the other 600+ upper division EXCEL students on a day to day basis. We are confident that we can provide you with any information regarding EXCEL via phone or email. While our office does not provide tours or take walk-ins, we do encourage you to take part in what tours the university may have to offer to prospective students.

 4. I’ve applied to EXCEL, how long do I need to wait before a decision is made on my application?

The EXCEL selection committee begins reviewing applications in January and meets every 2 weeks. Please note that based on the volume of applications, not all submissions received may be evaluated in one sitting and would be given consideration at the next available meeting. Therefore, we suggest approximately a 4-6 weeks turn around on application decisions.

5. Does submitting an application to EXCEL obligate me to come to UCF?

No. The EXCEL selection committee will not review an applicant’s EXCEL application until he/she has been admitted to UCF. The student has the option to decline the EXCEL acceptance at any time before coming to UCF.

6. How do I take the Math Placement Test (MPT) and why do I have to take the MPT prior to May 1?

According to the UCF MPT website, all incoming freshmen must complete the MPT, including those who have already received accelerated credit (AP/IB/dual enrollment). UCF strongly recommends to students to complete the MPT prior to attending Orientation so that students are not delayed in registering for their math course. However, the deadline to apply to EXCEL for summer/fall first time in college students is May 1st.  Therefore, any first time in college student applying and wishing to be accepted to EXCEL must have an MPT score in the UCF system by May 1st to be considered for the program.

In order for a student to take the MPT, they must submit their enrollment deposit. Please visit for directions on accessing/taking the MPT. 

Note: Transfer students can apply for each term with deadlines of May 1st (summer), July 1st (fall), and December 1st (spring) and their math transfer credit will be used for math eligibility.

7. How do I submit my enrollment deposit?

Students can submit their Enrollment Deposit Form and non-refundable $200 enrollment deposit online by logging into myUCF (freshmen only). Click on: Student Self Service > Undergraduate Admissions > Application Status in the left navigation to submit your completed form and the deposit. Once you enroll, the enrollment deposit will be applied as a credit to your student account.

8. Can I retake the Math Placement Test (MPT) if I did poorly?

Yes, eligible students can retake the UCF Math Placement Test once. Additional retesting beyond the second attempt will not be provided under any circumstances. All students who retake the UCF Math Placement Test must do so in a proctored test environment scheduled at the UCF University Testing Center (UTC). It costs $35 to retest. For more information and to request a retest, please visit

9. I’ve taken my MPT why hasn’t my status been updated?

After completing the MPT, you will receive the results right away via email. However, please allow up to 1-2 business days for the results to populate in the UCF system. Completion of the UCF MPT will not be reflected in the EXCEL status message, therefore, the status message will remain the same until the EXCEL decisions committee considers the MPT results and updates the message for final admission. As the EXCEL decisions committee meets every two weeks, you might not receive a status message update for at least 1-2 weeks after completing the MPT.

10. I’ve been accepted and confirmed my participation in EXCEL. How do I sign up for an orientation?

Our staff will send an eligibility list of confirmed EXCEL participants to the Office of First Year Experience (FYE). Students will then receive an email with directions on how to sign up for an EXCEL orientation. Please allow 1-2 weeks from the time you have confirmed your interest/acceptance into the EXCEL program to receive this email.

Students must submit the $200 Enrollment Deposit prior to registering for Orientation.

11. Is it required to attend an EXCEL orientation? Can I switch to a different orientation?

While we do not require our students to come to our orientations, it is strongly recommended. If you decide to go to another orientation you might miss EXCEL program specific information. Additionally, there will be no face time/interaction with EXCEL staff. Attending the EXCEL orientation will give students the opportunity to meet other program students, your advisors, the associate director and director of EXCEL. The EXCEL advisors will work with each student to register them for their required EXCEL courses and other courses. For students who do not attend an EXCEL orientation, our coordinator will be in touch via email and will pre-register students in the EXCEL required classes. If you cannot attend an EXCEL orientation it is important that you let the advisor in charge of your session know upfront that you are also an EXCEL program participant.

Transfer students do not currently have designated EXCEL orientation dates. Feel free to pick the date of your choosing and we will communicate with you via email to pre-register you in the EXCEL required courses.

NOTE: If you are in the Burnett Honors program, the Honors orientation is mandatory.

Please contact the Office of First Year Experience at 407-823-5105 if you have any questions regarding orientation or need to switch your orientation date. 

12. What if I registered to attend an EXCEL orientation and I find out that I am not accepted to EXCEL?

If you have registered for an EXCEL/COMPASS program orientation and find out you did not ultimately receive an acceptance, you may still attend the orientation, you are just not required to attend the EXCEL information session that is offered.

13. Can I talk to someone to make my schedule now, prior to orientation?

No. EXCEL advisors will be available to assist you with schedule planning at orientation. You are welcome to research courses and majors prior to orientation using the UCF Course Catalog.