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Students will either be accepted on initial review as a conditional acceptance (phase 1) or final accepted (phase 2) during the application process.  Candidates who are accepted through the first phase will need to show their math eligibility before being considered for final acceptance into the EXCEL learning community. For FTIC students, this may be done through completing the UCF Math Placement Test (MPT) if no other college math credit has been earned.

Phase 1:  Accepted/Confirm- Students who meet program requirements, but do not readily show math eligibility will receive preliminary admission (Accepted). If a student confirmed the initial acceptance this indicates that the student is interested in being a part of EXCEL and they intend on providing proof of math eligibility at their earliest convenience and prior to our application deadline for a final admission based on earning a qualifying placement. Please review our math eligibility page to see how this is determined.

Phase 2: Final Acceptance/Confirmation of Participation- Final acceptance means a student was offered final admission into EXCEL based on qualifying math scores, dual enrollment or transfer credit, or a placement score from the AP Calculus AB or BC exam. If students confirm the final acceptance (confirmed participation) this is the last step in the admissions process and the student is considered a member of the EXCEL program!

No applicant is guaranteed a spot until the student has met all requirements and confirms “Final Acceptance”. This can be done on the application status page. Students are encouraged to log on to the EXCEL application and check their status frequently as we do not send out updated status emails.