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Sebastian Jones

February 6, 2023
Sebastian is obtaining his Master’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering, where he is studying aerodynamics, composites, and structures. Previously, he received his bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2018. Aside from his duties as a student and in the center, he is also a member of the UCF Knights Racing Formula…

Al-Muthanna “Al” Al-Ani

August 4, 2022
Al-Muthanna “Al” Al-Ani is continuing his education with the University of Central Florida pursuing an M.S. in mechanical engineering on the mechanical systems track.  With a love for teaching he wants to help other succeed in their major and become advocates for the next generation.

Sweety Sarker

July 19, 2022
Sweety Sarker is a Ph.D. student in the mathematics department of UCF. Her research interest is in mathematical biology (more specifically in infectious disease modeling) and artificial intelligence. She loves traveling and photography.

Xuyan Shen

July 19, 2022
Xuyan earned her M.S in Financial Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. She is in the Mathematical Ph.D. program ( Financial Math Track) of UCF. Her research interest lies in  Stochastic Control and Mathematical Finance problems.

Killian Hitsman

July 19, 2022
Killian had received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry from Nova Southeastern University in 2021. He is currently a first year Ph.D. student in the university’s Mathematics Department. While pursuant in the field of applied mathematics, he expresses interest and active training in physical sciences. His research interests lie…

Isabel Carvalho

July 19, 2022
Isabel earned her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Central Florida in 2021. She is currently pursuing a M.S. degree in Biomedical Sciences on the Integrated Medical Sciences track. She was involved with the EXCEL/COMPASS mentoring programs throughout her undergraduate degree. This is her first year as a teaching assistant with EXCEL.

Hanna Reed

August 2, 2021
Hanna is a PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Central Florida. She completed her B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Central Florida in 2018 and taught public school for 2 years. Her research interest is in mathematical biology – specifically modeling the spread of infectious diseases.