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Mary Kate Wilkerson

February 14, 2022
Mary Kate Wilkerson is the STEM Engagement Coordinator for iSTEM and serves as the coordinator for the GEMS Mentoring Program. After graduating with a BA in Theatre Arts from Rollins College and earning a Master of Social Work from the University of Central Florida, Mary Kate has worked with youth in a variety of settings…

Melissa Dagley

January 24, 2019
Melissa Dagley is the Executive Director of iSTEM, a collaborative effort between the Colleges of Education, Engineering and Computer Science, and Sciences, established to promote and enhance UCF efforts on STEM education and educational research. Previously the director of Academic Affairs for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, she advised both undergraduate and graduate…

Sarah Evans

January 24, 2019
Sarah Evans works to develop and organize activities that support and enhance the educational and research efforts related to STEM undergraduate and graduate programs at UCF. After graduating from Rollins College with her BA in physics, Sarah became a high school AP Physics teacher in Seminole County. During her 10 years as a teacher, Sarah…