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My name is Whitney Keith. I'm a senior at the University of Central Florida studying Electrical Engineering. I graduated from Auburndale Senior High School in 2008, located in Auburndale Florida. My favorite class in college was C programming with Professor Arup Guha because it required a different type of thought process, logical thinking and problem solving. The class was challenging, however it introduced me to the basics of computer programming which I used to code in assembly language and MATLAB for other courses. My favorite professor at UCF is Dr. Brian Moore who taught my EXCEL Calculus II and Differential Equations course. What made him a wonderful professor was his ability to explain math in reduced terms so that all the students could understand and he always gave examples of real world applications of the mathematics we were learning. I decided to join the GEMS program to help freshman girls within EXCEL transition into the academic and social atmosphere of college. I wish my freshman year I had someone to assist me in making decisions and hope that the insight I have now will benefit my mentees. In my spare time, I really enjoy line dancing, bowling, making sushi, tutoring in downtown Orlando, garage sale shopping and going to the Beach on sunny days. Words of Advice for the GEMS freshman students: If I could give one bit of advice I would say, don't be intimidated by your professors, ask questions and take advantage of office hours to learn. It is important to get to know professors!