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Victoria is my name, Biomedical Sciences is my game, Senior year is upon me, I feel it come strongly, Things just don't feel the same. From Warwick High in P.A., To my favorite class (called Cinema Survey), It has been a long journey, but don't you all worry, I know all you girls will SLAY. The trick is to find a teacher you won't rue, Like Dr. Saitta for Chemistry 2, Since she made it straightforward, and also quite ordered, Despite her being a little new. I am here to share my words of wisdom, If you have any questions, comments, or some quizdom, Ex. the plight: “”Since our mascot is a knight, is UCF technically a kingdom?”” At least take this one piece of advice, DO NOT let temptations entice, Because procrastination will arise, work will capsize, And studying “”just enough”” won't suffice. A little about me, I like theme parks, movies, and TV, But ironically not poetry.