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My name is Victoria Matthews, and I am a Biomedical Science major. This year I will be a sophomore. I feel like freshman year went by so fast! I love movies, surfing, traveling, Disney/Universal, and trying new things. Even though I've been to three high schools, I graduated Warwick Senior High School in Lancaster, PA (near Amish country). My favorite class was Cinema Survey in the summer because that is where I met a lot of my friends (we share a love for movies!). My favorite professor was Donovan Dixon (my Chemistry 1B professor). He explained all the concepts thoroughly in class, and I can tell Professor Dixon really cares about his students. I wanted to get involved in the GEMS program because I appreciated that it gave STEM girls the chance to meet friends with similar academic goals and interests. It's really nice to know people in the same major for forming study groups (scheduling future classes together!) and creating friendships. If I would give one word of advice to the incoming freshman: don't procrastinate. In fact, do everything as early as possible. Study a little each day, not a day before the exam. Your grade will reflect the work you put in!