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My name is Victoria Matthews and I am a Biomedical major. This will be my junior year at UCF. I graduated Warwick Senior High School in Lititz, PA, but I had my freshman year of high school in Melbourne Central Catholic and sophomore year in Viera High School in Florida. My favorite class here was cinema survey. I love movies, and that's what we did every class. I found most of friends in that class, and and now they are my best friends! My favorite professor is Dr. Saitta. She taught chemistry II, she explained concepts very well, and she would make sure we understand the concepts. I wanted to get involved in GEMS because I believe in girl power, and in this program girls can work together and become successful women in STEM! In my free time, I like to watch movies/TV, play video games, go to Universal/Disney, and trying new things (food, etc.). Word of advice: DON'T procrastinate. It will be very tempting to use your new found time for play. If you study or do a little homework each day, you will retain the information better, and not have to stress later.