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My name is Victoria Haggerty and I am a second-year student at UCF. I am majoring in Physics with a specialization in Astronomy and minoring in Mathematics. I graduated from South Plantation High School in South Florida where I participated in the Environmental Science Magnet Program.  My favorite class at UCF has either been Calculus III with Dr. Arielle Gaudiello or Physics II with Professor Westley James. Both of these professors made their classes great by building great relationships with their students and making sure the material was well received. I discovered the EXCEL program through a letter sent through the mail and upon reading through it, I instantly wanted to apply as the program provides many great resources for aspiring STEM majors. My advice for incoming GEMS mentees is do not be afraid to ask for help! I’ve always been nervous to ask my teachers for help throughout my life because I didn’t want to seem behind, but I’ve learned through my first year that simply asking for help can aid your understanding in classes greatly and can help you build strong relationships with your professors. I love to take classes at the RWC for yoga and cycling, play Animal Crossing New Horizons and Sims Freeplay, go to Disney World, paint, and to watch my favorite shows.