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Hi friends! My name is Unika Mirza and I am currently going into my junior year at UCF majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in medical anthropology. I am from Plantation, Florida and I graduated from Plantation High School! My favorite class and professor at UCF has to be ENC 1101 with Professor Stuart Dees. Professor Dees one of my first professors in my first semester at UCF, and he sparked a love for English I did not know I had. He gave us so much advice and made sure we knew that he was available as a resource for his students. In addition to having a great support system from my professors, I was also able to get more involved in EXCEL. EXCEL answered so many questions I had as an incoming freshman and I met so many different kinds of people that I became more extroverted as a result! My favorite thing to do in my free time is watch movies. The world of cinema is so rich and the brilliant ideas artists put into their work is awesome to watch. Additionally, I also love discovering new music and pushing myself out of my comfort zone! I think the biggest advice I would give to incoming EXCEL students is to not be afraid. College is so different than high school and everybody is going through this. Sit back and let yourself see the positives of life and that you have so many resources at this wonderful university!