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Hi! My name is Truc (Truec) Phan. I am a Junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences hoping to become an Optometrist. I went to William R. Boone High School and came to America when I was only two. My favorite class here at UCF is Chemistry 1a and 1b with Dr. Dixon. He is someone that is willing to sit there and teach you the concept until you understand it. Because of him. I am able to do well in Chemistry 2. I wanted to get involved with the GEMS program because I know what it was like to step foot onto a campus with over 60k students and not know anyone. I am thankful to have a GEM mentor to help me not get overwhelmed by the class load and I hope to do the same with my mentees. I am very friendly so never be afraid to talk to me or ask me about anything. One piece of advice I would give to incoming EXCEL freshmen is, everyone has his/her own path. Do not rush the next four years of your college experience or feel like you are not doing enough. Find your passion and commit to it. Outside of the academic portion, I like to have time for myself by exploring restaurants around Florida, find the perfect getaway spot for the sunsets/sunrises, master my Italian cooking skills, get lost in Disney World or go to the gym to relieve some stress. With that being said, I cannot wait to meet you all!