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I'm a civil engineering major and I'm in my 4th year here at UCF. I graduated from Aviano American High School in Aviano, Italy in 2007. Under the civil engineering umbrella I want to specialize in structures. I have chosen structures because my favorite courses have been statics, mechanics of materials, and structural analysis! I have had a few amazing professors while here at UCF, but I would have to say Dr. Chopra is my favorite. He was my professor for statics and did such a great job teaching the course that I became interested in the structures aspect of civil engineering. Growing up overseas has given me lots of opportunities to travel, which is one of my favorite things to do. I have collected pins from all of the places I have been, and I'm very proud of my collection. Though school takes up much of my time and is my main priority, I still make time to go out and have fun with friends. I also love taking pictures and making montages and scrap booking. I have enjoyed my time as a mentor thus far. Some of the girls and I have developed actual friendships! It feels good to be able to offer help and advice and to know that you are actually appreciated! 🙂