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My name is Telicia Daniels and I am a Biomedical Sciences major with a minor in Health Information Management. I am a Junior at UCF and have been a part of EXCEL/COMPASS for three years. I graduated from Fort Pierce Central High School in 2016. My favorite class at UCF was Quantitative Biological Methods. It was an interesting class on the techniques used in the lab. I enjoy the teacher, Dr. Borgon, and his jokes. I also enjoyed his ability to stay on task and give examples of questions that you will see on test throughout the semester. I decided to get involved with the GEMS/COMPASS program because I wanted to meet people with goals similar to my own, people who were driven in their own STEM major. The program has shown me that there are people struggling just like me and we can support each other through challenging times. I met some of my closest academic friends through GEMS. I hope that this program will provide common ground for my mentees where they can ask questions or talk about issues of all subjects. I will be open with my mentees about my experiences throughout the university as they can ask me about anything. When I am not in school I spend my time listening to music and cooking up new meals. Words of Wisdom: The University only looks big on paper. You'll know your way around and meet new people in no time, don't be afraid to just be yourself.