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My name is Tati Gary. I am majoring in Aerospace Engineering and am a sophomore at UCF. I graduated from Sunlake High School which is in Land O Lakes, FL in 2020. One of my favorite classes at UCF is Calculus II. I like it because while calculus may be confusing or convoluted at first, at closer inspection there is always a way to make sense of it. My favorite professor is Professor Mikusinski. I had him for Calculus I, and he is great because he ensures the students understand the concepts behind all the math which is a great preparation for Calculus II. I decided to get involved with the GEMS program because GEMS provided me with a group that I can belong to that will support me through my studies. Even if support is not needed, it is still very nice to know you have people that can help if anything goes wrong. Some words of advice for future GEMS freshmen are to go to all the SARC tutoring sessions and EXCEL Center hours you can. Even if you think you do not need it, go. I enjoy books, movies, rock climbing, swimming, and playing flute.