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Hi! My name is Sumayya Abukhalil and I'm a sophomore double majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Pure Mathematics. I graduated from William T. Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, FL in 2014. My favorite course so far here at UCF was Calculus II. With every lesson being taught, it seemed as though I was learning something completely new and different, but eventually the material would come together like puzzle pieces. Calculus II was undoubtedly a soul‐satisfying challenge and that's why I liked it so much. With that being said, my favorite professor is Dr. Moore, my Calculus I and II professor. It was from his Calculus I class that I decided on majoring in Pure Math in addition to Aerospace Engineering. He taught with such passion and charisma that it was hard not to appreciate the subject. With his infectious enthusiasm and his personal “”story time”” asides, he certainly conveyed the beauty of calculus to all of his students. He also (unintentionally) taught the importance of finding excitement in your career. I continue to strive to find my own passions and a large part of why I'm volunteering as a GEM mentor is because I want to help other students discover their own as well. While doing that, I hope to serve as a gentle supporter and adviser for my mentees, just like my mentor did for me. Aside from school I enjoy spending time doing outdoor activities like beach volleyball and kayaking, but my happiest memories have always come from warm relaxing evenings with close friends and family. Words of advice for the GEMS freshman students: It's okay if you have not yet decided what you want to do. That's what college is for. Spend your first few semesters seriously evaluating what you do or don't like and don't be afraid if what you thought was right for you no longer is.