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My name is Sienna Krulis and I am majoring in Biology (Zoology track) with a minor in Environmental Studies. I am currently a sophomore. I’m from Tampa, FL, and I graduated from Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School in 2018. My favorite class at UCF has been Mathematics for Calculus with Arielle Guadiello. Arielle also happens to be my favorite professor. I never considered myself a “math person” growing up, but taking this course with Arielle helped me realize that I can succeed in math and other challenging subjects if I apply myself correctly. This class taught me how to study and helped me adjust to college life more easily. Arielle was always kind and showed a genuine desire to help students understand the content she taught. I became a GEMS mentor because I’ve always been passionate about guiding others. I have been a Girl Scout for thirteen years and have worked as a mentor for my younger sister’s troop for five years until I came to UCF. I also have a strong appreciation for STEM fields and want to help young women feel empowered in these areas through the GEMS program. I hope my mentees are able to feel connected not only to each other, but to other mentor groups as well. My piece of advice for freshman students is that you should always be honest with yourself! It’s okay to admit that you’re unsure of what you want to major in. It’s also okay to not want to major in a particular subject – don’t let anyone pressure you into something that doesn’t make you happy. (And don’t be afraid to ask for help – there are so many resources available to you for just about any problem!) In my spare time, I enjoy creating art, being outside, and playing video games. I think keeping up with hobbies or doing little fun things here and there to spice up your life is so important to staying sane in college!