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Sienna Krulis is a fourth year undergraduate studying Ecology, Evolutionary, and Conservation Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies. They were a GEMS mentor from 2019-2020 before becoming the GEMS Lead Mentor in 2020. Sienna has been involved in several positions including President of the Knights for Wildlife Conservation, Lead Parks Worker with the City of Orlando, and a Research Assistant in the Coastal and Estuarine Ecology Lab. Sienna is currently an undergraduate researcher in the Mason-Goolsby Lab Group and will be a Teaching Assistant for Programming for Biologists in Fall 2021.

When they are not providing support to the wonderful GEMS program or staying on top of academics, Sienna enjoys quad rollerskating, playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and watching anime. Sienna’s advice to students is to always be honest with yourself. Look for resources when you need them and take advantage of the dozens of opportunities around you during your time at UCF. The EXCEL/COMPASS program provides countless chances to speak with faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and working professionals that can help guide you to a path that best suits your interests.