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My name is Shreya Mistry and I am a senior with an Electrical Engineering major and a minor in Cinema Studies. I graduated from Gulf Coast High School in Naples 2016. One of my favorite classes so far was Semiconductors. This class was interesting to me and challenged me in a fun way. I really liked the professor for the class too. He is my favorite professor, Professor Chan. He is a challenging professor to have but he makes you understand the course material, which is helpful for future classes. He explains the subjects that he teaches very well and is always there to help. I decided to get involved with GEMS because this program helped me a lot during my freshman year. My GEMS mentor my first year was so fun and always there for me when I needed her and made the transition to college a lot easier. It was nice to have someone who has already been through her first few years of college there to help. I want to be able to help my mentees the same way she was able to help me. I love UCF and hope that I can help others enjoy it here as much as I do. When I am not studying, I work as an RA on campus, read, watch movies, and love cooking new foods.