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Hey mentees! I'm Sam, and I'm a junior majoring in Environmental Engineering here at UCF, but I'm originally from Parkland, Florida and graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I'm super excited to be a GEMS mentor for another year so I can help guide a few new people through their first year at school here, since my freshman mentor was immensely helpful through this transition. She helped guide me through the challenges of STEM classes, the daunting tasks of networking and resume building, and the persistent self‐doubt that accompanies majoring in engineering. GEMS provided a support system I never knew I needed, and I hope to help provide to new students as well. In addition to GEMS, I've been involved with a few other organizations at UCF such as Engineers Without Borders, Knights for Animal Rights, Student Sustainability Advisory Committee and Campus Peace Action. I've also spent the past year working in an Ecohydraulics Research lab studying the efficiency of a restoration project in the Indian River Lagoon, and I'd love to help new students find research positions (or other jobs!) they're passionate about as well. When I'm not busy doing school‐related work and activities, I'm usually playing guitar, re‐watching Bojack Horseman, or listening to bad music. I also really love being outdoors, drinking coffee, and petting other people's dogs. A little word of advice to start your year: try to remember that you're not alone. It's easy to feel like everyone has it together except you, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Engineering is no walk in the park, but just keep your goals clear and remember that if you're truly passionate about a dream, you'll achieve it. On that note, I can't wait to meet everyone and get off to a great start this year!