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My name is Sadharia Davis and I am a Biomedical Sciences. I am going on my second year at UCF. I graduated from Fort Myers High School in my hometown of Fort Myers, Florida in 2021. One of my favorite classes at UCF was Intermediate Foundations of Leadership. It was a course I had to take because I was a part of the LEAD program. I enjoyed learning deeper about how to work with other and diving deeper into my own leadership style. My favorite professors are Professor K and Karpinski. They were so engaging they just make you feel like they really care. I decided to join the GEMS program in order to have some guidance and support as I make this major transition from high school to college and to have like a big sister to support me through the process. I expect  to kind of be just like a big sister, like to help guide and support through all these big changes whether it be through schedule or housing or whatever comes in this journey. I want to be there to help you and give you advice through my experiences.
Words of advice for the GEMS freshman students: In order to not feel overwhelmed by your workload try to only take two hard/intense classes.