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Hey everyone, my name is Rhondra. I am a junior majoring in Material Sciences and Engineering. Originally from Miramar, FL, I came to UCF after graduating from Miramar High School. Within my two years here, my favorite class by far would be STA 2023, Statistics, with Daniel Ingram. I would say that Professor Ingram has also been my favorite professor so far. He provided an engaging environment mixing humor and modern-day references into his teaching style. Having been in the EXCEL/COMPASS program for two years now, I knew that I wanted to get involved as a mentor to share what I have learned, as well as the resources offered around UCF that allow for professional, academic, and personal growth. I expect my mentees to become confident in knowing what resources are available to them in their transition to college. As for myself, I aim to be a person that my mentees can turn to if any questions or uncertainty arises. And with any freshman, I would want them to know that they should explore their passion to be able to put their best effort forward in their endeavors. Although schooling is the main priority, it is important to find time for yourself. Away from school, I enjoy exploring new locations to fish, finding new recipes to try, going on random drives to explore parts of Orlando, and jamming out to music (country, kpop, musicals, and pop).