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Hey there! My name is Rebecca Vollmann and I am a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in International Engineering. I graduated from Indian River Charter High School and got my AA degree dual enrolled at Indian River State College in Vero Beach, FL. I love working on cars, photography, dogs cooking, baking, watching movies, exercising, going to the beach, and spending time with friends. I've had my heart set on the automotive manufacturing field for a few years now and it is my dream to work for Ford and be invited onto the Mustang Project. I decided to become a part of EXCEL to make friends to study with and motivate me further in the engineering field. The main takeaways of EXCEL are the professional connections in STEM, paid research, separate math lab from the general population (and free tutoring), and the overall feeling of preparedness you get from the program. As plenty of us in engineering hear all the time: a degree just isn't enough anymore. You have to get involved!