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My name is Prabhjot Ahluwalia and I am a junior studying Industrial Engineering. I arrived at UCF after I graduated from Atlantic Technical Center Magnet High School, a high school that most people have never heard of. I wanted to get involved with a program that would be like a small college within a bigger one where I can interact with others in STEM. GEMs proved to be the perfect program for just that. I met so many girls who I have forged ties with because of the GEMs program, it's been so good to me and now I want to give back to it by being a mentor. I want this program to provide support and advice for entering freshman in the STEM field and push them to continue in these difficult, but rewarding, majors. So far, I have to say that my favorite class at UCF would have to be Engineering Economic Analysis, not because it was easy, but because it was the first class that I worked hard for. Engineering Economic Analysis, no matter how tedious it got, allowed me to realize the positive outcomes of putting everything you have into achieving a good grade. My favorite professor is Dr. Flitsyian, she was very helpful and understanding when I was taking her physics for Scientists and Engineers I class. Dr. Flitsyian genuinely wanted her students to succeed and did whatever she could to help achieve that goal. I went to her office various times and she always greeted me with a smile and helped me the best she could, she is an amazing professor. But even with all these amazing classes and brilliant professor, you still need to bring in your part. You have to study for tests. You have to practice your math. Most importantly, if you need help don't be afraid to ask. Everyone at UCF, EXCEL, and GEMS is here to help you and they all want you to succeed. Words of advice for the GEMS freshman students: “”It's okay if you haven't decided on a major or a career yet, that's what college is for: to discover what you want to do. Heck, even I changed my major and had a lot of other majors in mind before I chose the right one and who knows, I might change it again. Also, it's not all about math, science, and studying at UCF, there are so many other things that you can do. For example, I am in SWe, I'm going to join IIE, I'm volunteering, and just going out and having fun with my friends, relaxing. College isn't just about studying; it's about having fun and discovering yourself, making new friends and memories. Don't let studying overtake your life, everyone needs a break.””