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My name is Pia Nelson. I am a second year Computer Engineering major. I graduated in 2016 from Lake Brantley High School here in Central Florida. My favorite class so far has been the Enjoyment of Music with Dr. Lazslo Marosi. This class expanded the scope of my historical music knowledge while being one of the most entertaining classes yet. Dr. Marosi managed to turn most topics into easy to understand one man plays to help us understand the composer's thought process. The GEMS program helped me adjust to college life a lot easier than many of my peers. I met my closest friends through GEMS and have had many great experiences as a result. I chose to be a mentor because I appreciate the help and advice I received in my freshman year and would like to help the incoming freshman class to adjust just as easily as I did. In my free time, I listen to music, dance, watch Netflix and sleep. My advice is to take everything you've heard about how college is going to be and toss it out the window. I know I was disappointed when I got to high school and it was nothing like the musicals. The college experience is different for everyone and it's up to you to make it what you want it to be. You have the potential to be successful in everything you pursue with a bit of work. Good luck mentees!