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Hi Mentees, my Name is Ny'a Crum and I am a Biomedical science major here at UCF in my sophomore year. I graduated from Tampa Bay Technical High School in Tampa. CLASS OF 2012 I love it here at UCF! My favorite class so far has been my LEAD class with Professor Rick Falco, and World Religion with Hussaim Kassim. Falco is an amazing teacher and he makes class interesting to be in and get involved. In the LEAD class I learned a lot about myself and ways I can get involved, it also allowed me to express my ideas to create my new organization. In world religion, this teacher makes it easy to understand the different religions and he also makes the class fun by always telling jokes. I could never leave without having a good laugh in his class. I decided to get involved with the Gems program because I like to help people and guide people in their steps through anything. Since I have started last year I have found myself aiding and guiding friends with whatever they want to do and I have had younger high school students ask me for advice. My plan when I die is to leave my legacy and by helping others I feel that I will fulfill that dream. Gems gives me that great opportunity to do just that with all the amazing socials and constant contact with mentees and mentors. I expect this year to be better than last year because we have a lot of bright minds on the board of mentors with great expectations for their mentees success. Through guidance, socials, and assistance in every aspect of your freshman year. Never allow other people to dictate or set the boundaries of your success. If you believe in yourself you will achieve, just never give up because it will start off a little hard but you will adjust. If you every need anything just let me know I am always open to talk about anything because I have been through a lot in my life. I am involved with LEAD Scholars also if you want to know more info about that program. I volunteer with VUCF and the College FoodShare. I also helped start an Organization called Knights Go Pink where we throw events to raise money for Breast Cancer. Outside of those things I love to dance I am apart of Kingdom Movement Praise Dance Team and also I love be adventurous by playing sports, going to the gym and even canoeing. I am so excited to meet you guys I hope you have a fun summer and get prepared for College life, I know you will love it. 🙂