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My name is Nicole Raffino, I am a sophomore molecular and microbiology major at UCF, and I graduated from Sparta High School in New Jersey. My favorite class at UCF so far was Oral Communication because I got to learn a lot about other students in the class and hear about different experiences that others have. My favorite professor was Dr. Young because she explained Precalculus in a way that I understood, and it really helped me for both that class and the Calculus class that I took the next semester. She took the time to make sure everyone understood how to do the section before moving on. I decided to get involved with the GEMS program because it seemed like a great opportunity to help new girls at UCF and to get to be a part of something new and meet great people. I know that this program will do its best to help new freshman girls feel like an important part of the college community and will ease the transition between high school and college. Out of class I enjoy reading, going to the mall, going to the movies, and just spending time with my friends whenever I can. Words of Advice to GEMS freshman students: Incoming EXCEL freshman should definitely take advantage of the opportunities that the GEMS program gives them, both in their STEM classes and in a social aspect, because it provides many resources not available to others.