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My name is Niabelle Thelemaque and I'm an Electrical Engineering major in my sophomore year. I graduated high school from Coral Springs Charter School. I enjoyed my Intro to Engineering class the most because there I learned about the different fields of engineering from UCF faculty and alumni. I also enjoyed the group projects because it gave me an opportunity to work with others and to showcase our creations. I had several favorite professors, one of them being my Sociology professor, Dr. Amy Donley. She made the information easy to comprehend and she always gave interesting anecdotes that corresponded to the material at hand. I decided to get involved with the GEMS program because I benefited tremendously from my experiences with my GEMS mentor. As a result, I would like to show other girls how they can have a great UCF experience. I would like to be someone my mentees can talk to and go to for advice. Some expectations I have from the program is for it to be a fun and stimulating environment that encourages girls to stay within the majors they choose. When I'm not studying I enjoy watching movies, hanging out with friends, reading books, and going to the gym. Words of advice for the GEMS freshman students: “”Always talk to your professors! Use their office hours. They are understanding are available for help. Take advantage of the EXCEL room. The mentors are there to assist you with any questions you may have in the STEM‐ related subjects.””