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My major is Microbiology and Molecular Biology and I am currently a senior at UCF. I graduated from South Lake High School in Groveland, FL in 2008. My favorite professor at UCF is Dr. Moore, one of the calculus teachers of the EXCEL program. What I loved about Dr. Moore is that he made us feel at ease during class time and he cared about us learning the material. I am a returning mentor for GEMS and I have learned how both being a mentor and having a mentor can positively affect the girls of GEMS. As a mentor, I will be there for my mentees when they need me and will be more than willing to help them with life at UCF both academic and non‐academic related. Outside of academic life, I enjoy reading, swimming, dancing, playing tennis, going to the movies and baking cookies. Words of Advice for the GEMS freshman students: Being a freshman can get tough, but if you know the right people who can give you good advice, tough can turn into a breeze.