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Hello, my name is Melanie Moises and I am so excited to start as a mentor this fall semester! My major is Biomedical Sciences, pre‐professional track and I will be a sophomore this fall. I graduated from Spanish River Community High School in Boca Raton. My favorite class at UCF so far was Intro to Psychology. I found it very interesting to understand how the mind works and the professor made it a fun and relaxing experience. My favorite professor is Dr. John King. He was my professor for Comp 1 and 2. He is my favorite because he is chill and laid back and nothing like you would expect a professor to be like. However, I still learned a whole lot about how to write and he was always there to speak to me one‐on‐one about how I can personally improve my writing. I decided to get involved in the GEMS program because I saw it as a great opportunity to branch out, make new friends, and get involved. Some expectations for the program is to have a great time at social events and to help create a sense of a community within the program. Some words of wisdom for incoming EXCEL freshman: “”Stay focused on your grades and do not wait until last minute to study for your exams. TIME MANAGEMENT IS IMPORTANT! Outside of school I absolutely love to play volleyball, I like to hang out by the pool, I love going to sport events on campus, and I love to go to classes at the gym like ZUMBA. I like country music and just having fun!””