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My name is Megan Pence and I am a sophomore at UCF studying Mechanical Engineering. I came to the university from my hometown in Jacksonville after graduating from Allen D. Nease High School. While all of my classes have been good so far, I feel like my favorite would have to be Calculus because it applies to every field of engineering. I loved having Dr. Swanson as my calculus teacher because he not only taught us math, but showed us how we can use it as future engineers. I decided to get involved with the GEMS program because my mentor made my freshman EXCEL experience completely unforgettable. It was comforting to know that there was always someone I could go to with questions and concerns. College can be quite confusing at times and now I am here to help. All the incoming freshman should know that while transitioning into college is very stressful take things one day at a time. Get ready to enter the best couple years of your life. I have learned that college is what you make it ‐ you could either get out there and get involved, or you could choose not to and miss out discovering something you love. Currently I am a member of Campus Crusades for Christ as well as the Society of Women Engineers. When I have time to spare, I love to watch movies (especially romantic comedies), sing randomly, and play sports (even though I am not athletic and have absolutely no coordination).