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Ey oh, my name is McKenna Reed and I'm an Information Technology major. This will be my third year at UCF. In 2013 I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Niceville High School, which is located in Niceville (yes, it's nice there), Florida. I've enjoyed many of my classes here at UCF, but I'm convinced that my favorite will be Evolution of Video Games which I'm queued to take during fall 2015. I love games of all kinds, especially video games, so I'm sure I'm really going to love that class. In addition to playing games with my friends in my spare time, I like to paint, read, leisurely bike ride, and go on adventures. One of my favorite professors was Professor Ducharme. He used to teach Intro to Engineering and he made class so fun every week. There was never a dull moment with Professor Ducharme. He did a great job of telling us the realities of being an engineer, and giving us honest advice. I love this program for many reasons, one of which being the chance it gives you to meet your professors in a social setting. It reminds you that your professors are just people too, and they are approachable if you ever need to talk to them. I also love that this program gives students in STEM majors the opportunity to meet other students with similar majors. The program is like a social safety net, helping you to build up your college social network without the fear of crashing and burning. There are always going to be people to help and support you.””