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Hello! My name is Madeline Sinclair, and I'm a Senior at UCF studying Industrial Engineering. I attended Chiles High School in Tallahassee, Florida, and graduated in 2015. My favorite class in college so far has been Manufacturing taught by Professor Hookstra. Although the class was hard, studying the material made a difference, and I felt as though I learned a lot. The tests were challenging but bearable, and I felt that if I studied, I had no reason to be nervous. I love the GEMS program because it has encouraged me to continue trying, even when classes get tough. Having a fellow female to look up to who has succeeded in the areas I had trouble with Freshmen year was incredibly helpful and inspiring. In my free time I enjoy playing piano, enoing with friends, longboarding, and visiting new places. My best advice to freshmen: Take advantage of everything UCF has to offer. If you are having trouble with anything, from classes to roommates, find help. You are not the first, and definitely not the last to need help in certain situations. Find someone who can help you, and everything will become at least slightly easier. Also, go to class!