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Hello mentees! I’m Lisa and I’m a sophomore in Chemistry at UCF. I’m from a small town called Poinciana and I graduated from Poinciana High School. My favorite course in UCF will have to be my Physical Geography class which I took with Mr. Tyre.  He was a funny teacher that was able to make a simple class extremely interesting. The class also covered a lot of topics about the Earth that genuinely interested me and pushed me to understand what I wanted to do with my career and my major. I am happy to be a GEMS mentor and to be able to guide you through your first year, since my own mentor was helpful for me. She helped push me to become a better individual and to be more involved in UCF campus. I wish to help you and guide you all through some of your challenges and make you feel welcomed to this large and lively campus, and hopefully push you to involve yourself on campus as well. Outside of GEMS, I am a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and I enjoy spending my time playing video games with my friends or watching some superhero shows and movies. I also enjoy going on nature walks and exercising at the gym. Also, a small bit of advice, try to do something different! There are tons of activities on campus that are interesting and can give you opportunities to try new things outside of your major. It can introduce you to new people and friends!