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Hey! I am Lisa Colon and I’m a junior majoring in Chemistry. I was born in Puerto Rico, but I have lived in central Florida for most of my life, so I have had a lifelong connection to this area. I will look forward to showing all the little fun spots all over UCF and central Florida. Then involving UCF, one of my favorite courses here has been Chemistry IB with Dr. Donovan Dixon! He is a hilarious professor and really developed my love for chemistry! He is great at explaining difficult concepts and really cares for his students! Then for the EXCEL program, it really was a surprise for me to find such an amazing community with others that truly helped me out. I have found some of my closest friends through EXCEL and I have been given amazing opportunities because of it. EXCEL has allowed for me to become involved with undergraduate research, and it has been an experience that I will carry for a lifetime. 

However, to truly have a good time and great experience with EXCEL, I would say to push yourself to do something new. Try to join a club, go to an event, or just go to the gym and do some rock climbing, because when I did those things with friends, it really has left me with some amazing experiences and memories.