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My name is Lily and I am a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering. I graduated from Atlantic Technical High School with my certification in Machining. One of my favorite classes would have to be Intro to C programming. Even though this was one of my tougher classes, this class taught me to approach problems with different perspectives. My favorite professor was Jason Bentley. He taught my calc 2 class and made my calculus experience enjoyable. In high school, I struggled with calculus, but the way Bentley explained concepts behind the math made it a lot more approachable. His enjoyment of math was reflected in his teaching. I joined GEMS because I was worried about going to a school away from home and wanted to have a support system. I definitely wanted to major in a STEM field so when I learned there was a program geared towards girls in STEM, I quickly signed up. I really enjoyed the EXCEL math classes because they were structured and organized. A word of advice: when you get an assignment or project, spend some times sizing it up and understand how much time you will need to dedicate to it. I've had assignments that I stressed about only to realize they could be completed fairly quickly. I've also had assignments that I thought I could wait till that day before to do and realizing I had to invest more time than I planned. When I'm not going to classes or doing schoolwork, I enjoy trying new restaurants, going to Lake Claire to paddle board, and playing videogames.