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My name is Lauren Cavette, and my major is Mechanical Engineering. I am currently in my senior year at the University of Central Florida. I attended Martin County High School in Stuart, Florida. In 2007, I started my degree in engineering at UCF. My favorite subject is Calculus because has since aided me in understanding the rest of my engineering classes. So far, the professor that has stood out amongst others is Dr. Zarda for his CAD/CAM class. It was one of the most difficult classes I have taken, but he truly cared that his students learned the material. He even voluntarily came in to school on the weekends to give extra help, and that is almost unheard of amongst college professors. Some of my hobbies include painting, performing improv comedy, clowning, traveling, yoga, and going to Disney. I am very passionate about the GEMS mentorship program because it is so important to me to help women overcome the challenges that everyone goes through in engineering and to not feel isolated in the process. Engineering is a difficult major, but it is so rewarding to have the confidence to accomplish your dreams. The possibilities are limitless, and I love to inspire young women to believe that they can achieve whatever they want regardless of the fact that they are underrepresented in most STEM fields; we are here to change that!