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Hello everyone! My name is Kristin Synnott and I am so excited to be your mentor this upcoming year! I'm an Industrial Engineering major, soon to (hopefully) have a minor in Spanish as well! One of my goals for this upcoming year is to get an internship with a company such as Lockheed Martin or Nautique. I love the beach and anything water related. I just got nominated for Secretary for the Kiteboarding club here on campus, so of course I love kiteboarding, volleyball, swimming, surfing, wake boarding and more! I am also a Doctor Who fan and a Star Trek trekkie. As much as I love the outdoors, I also like to Netflix and Chill and bake because who doesn't. My goal in life is to be a traveling engineer and work for a boating company. Oh yeah I'm also from out of state (Newport, RI) so if you are ever feeling homesick you can always rant to me!