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My name is Keziah Olajide, I’m a junior at UCF and my major is molecular and cellular biology with a minor in medical sociology. I graduated from Wiregrass Ranch high school, Florida but I’m originally from the United Kingdom. My favorite class at UCF has been genetics. I loved working in the fly lab and understanding more about hereditary. My favorite professor is Dr. William Self. I have really enjoyed learning more about microbiology through his research lab and getting hands-on experience working with bacteria. I joined the GEMS program because I loved the welcoming and supportive environment that it provides. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals made UCF appear more comforting and less overwhelming. My expectation from the program is to guide freshmen on their journey of pursuing a STEM degree. A word of advice would be to get involved on campus. Pursuing your hobbies and passions by joining clubs and student organizations helps with making more connections within the UCF community. In my free time, I love to read novels, listen to my favorite band, Coldplay, and spend time with my twin sister.