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My name is Kelsey Arthur and I'm a senior double majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. My favorite class at UCF so far has been Numerical Calculus, a statistics class where you take concepts you learned from Calc 1 and incorporate them into computer programs in C. One of my favorite professors I've had has been Professor Worcester. I took him for Statistical Methods 2, and he was very good at simplifying difficult concepts in a way that everyone could understand. I highly recommend him for any statistics class. I was a mentee in the GEMS program my freshman year, where I gained invaluable advice and insight from my own GEMS mentor. Because I had such a great experience, I wanted to get involved and become a mentor myself, so I too can provide advice about classes and connecting with the UCF community. In addition to being a GEMS mentor, I'm also a tutor for the football team. Outside of studying for classes, I like to play video games, do lots of baking, and go to campus events such as Late Knights and CAB events.